The ideal catalogue of fonts for education.

Give both quality and differentiation to the student works.

The typographic revolution for students

A great catalogue

Having the right tools on good hands will deliver the best works. That’s why we strive really hard on bringing aboard great font families which will be used freely on any macOS device the students may have. The mission of our Educational License is to guarantee access to this always-growing catalogue.

Online resources for teaching better

The app brings pedagogical content heightening the value of the font designing. It also introduces foundries and helps to both chose and use the right font. The reviews, press articles, works already done are a welcomed plus for the learning process we think.

How much money cost all of this?

Get the educational license for just 2,99 €/month per student or professor enrolled

Typography teaching will be easier from now

Our innovative app features automatic updates on the fonts, support on all of the design software programs. The playful and didactical built-in search box is really helpful to easily find what you need based on the font’s anatomy, character set and the final application of the work (editorial, web, posters...).

Fontown offers a bespoke service for your school. It’s independent from the institution infrastructure: classrooms with computers or students using their laptops, professors teaching several subjects or the ones who only review projects via online. We are prepared for you.

Choose the new tool for quality education

They already learn and grow with us

One of the things that takes me the most time is finding the right sources. Fontown, in addition to giving you lots of quality fonts, tells you what kind of text works well and what other fonts can be used with which you choose. That is, it saves you time and you learn! :)

Paula Aguado

UPSA (Student)

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