Alberto Romanos


Font families (20)

18 fonts

Bw Aleta No 10

18 fonts

Bw Aleta No 20

16 fonts

Bw Glenn Sans

16 fonts

Bw Glenn Slab

14 fonts2 available for free

Bw Gradual

4 fonts1 available for free

Bw Mitga

64 fonts

Bw Modelica SS01

64 fonts

Bw Modelica SS02

14 fonts

Bw Nista Geometric

14 fonts

Bw Nista Grotesk

14 fonts

Bw Nista International

10 fonts

Bw Quinta Pro


A graphic designer with a vast experience in the creation of corporate identities, Alberto Romanos is a freelance designer specialized in typography since 2014. His years of experience in recognized agencies in England have allowed him to work for international clients such as Barclays, Renault or Sony Ericsson.

He began his studies in industrial design but soon realized that his work had more to do with graphic image and completed the Graphic Branding & Identity master's degree at the University of the Arts London. It is in 2015 when he finally decides to focus his work on the creation and distribution of typographies. Branding with Type is the platform through which he makes his work visible and offers specialized services.

Alberto is arguably a creator of contemporary typefaces that create functional designs to which he always adds a personal touch. Within its catalogue, full of text block typefaces, we also find more expressive designs that ask to be seen in large bodies, such as Bw Stretch.

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