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As an editor and printer, Damià Rotger has always had typography very much in his life. His professional and educational career has always revolved around design. After his studies at the Blau School of Design in Palma de Mallorca, he moved to Barcelona to complete the Postgraduate Degree in Corporate Identity Design in Elisava. He specialized in typography with another postgraduate degree in Barcelona, this time in Eina.

In addition to being a designer, Damià teaches Typography and Editorial Design in Mallorca, Granada, and Pontevedra, in specialized courses and workshops. In 2014, together with Pedro Arilla create Glíglifo, an intensive and passionate typography design course. Damià is also a lover of the letters in their literary and poetic sense. He has published articles and books, Lletrascades (Campgràfic, 2016) is his first book of poetry.

His work has been awarded several design awards and nominations such as Laus, Gràffica, Daniel Gil, and Anuaria. In his typographies, he combines historical references with a personal interpretation of forms. His catalogue has a great variety of styles, from the monospaced Cintax to the gothic Blanquerna.

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