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Elizabeth Friedlander (1903-1984) was born in Berlin. There she studied calligraphy, typography, and design with E. R. Weiss. As a graphic designer, she worked for the elegant magazine Die Dame, being in charge of the design of titles and models.

It was the German foundry Bauersche Giesserei, which commissioned her to design her first typeface, a very unusual task for a woman at that time. It was a design particularly appreciated by private printers and the 1936 Annual Penrose highlighted it as the most successful type of the year.

His Jewish status in Germany led her to move to Milan in 1936, where she worked for Mondadori publishing house and Editoriale Domus.

Because of the war, Elizabeth moved again in 1939. This time she travels to London, where she finally adopts British citizenship. Shortly after her arrival in England, she became a successful designer, working for Penguin Books, Linotype, and Monotype among others.

In 1961 she moved to Ireland, where she continued to work as a designer, illustrator, and calligrapher until almost the end of her life.

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