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Fernanda Núñez, like the three TipoType members, also graduated in Graphic Design from ORT Uruguay. She has been teaching at this university in the Digital and Multimedia area since 2000.

She has collaborated in Biográficas, a project directed by Marina Garone to showcase the work of Latin American designers throughout history. Together with María Laura Fernández, she was also the driving force behind the Diseñadores DG | UY initiative, a project whose aim was to create a directory of Uruguayan designers. She combines his work as a publicist with the design.

Her path to typography has been rather fortuitous. With her designs, she seeks to transfer the fresh and irregular appearance of handwriting to digital creation, using irregular strokes and alternative forms of characters. His first typography La Paz includes three different versions of each letter and a long list of ligatures. In Carmencita and Salinas, she also makes use of OpenType programming to include alternatives and recreate the irregularity of manual writing.