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Fernando Díaz is a young talent of Uruguayan typography. He graduated in Graphic Design from ORT Uruguay. Since 2007 he has been a professor of Typography and Editorial Design at the same university. He combines his teaching work with graphic design and typography design. Fernando also runs workshops in calligraphy, drawing, and typography.

He is also a member of international organizations such as AtypI, TDC, and The Printing Historical Society.

It is usual to see him at conferences and design talks in Latin America. He took part in international programs such as Dia Tipo 2014 and 2016 in Brazil, Pixelations 2016 in Argentina or JIDP 2015 in Chile. He has also been part of the jury of the Bienal de Tipos Latinos in 2014, a competition that has selected his projects in several editions: Trasandina in 2016, Quiroga Serif Pro in 2008 and Libertad in 2016. His typefaces have also been included in specialized international publications.

Their designs are versatile and functional, with characters designed for continuous text that generate a uniform stain and offers a wide typographical palette for complex compositions.

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