Ismael González


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8 fonts

Bariol Serif

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Calendas Plus

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Cassannet Plus

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Salome Fine

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Salome Stencil


With a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca and Asturian origin, Ismael González is one of the faces behind the design studio atipo. Interested in the film industry from a very young age, Ismael ended up opting for the world of design. The contact with different disciplines such as photography, illustration, sculpture, and video, has made him a winner of an interdisciplinary profile that is evident in all his projects.

After graduating, he developed his plastic work and worked for seven years as a graphic designer in the Gijón studio Dúo Comunicación. In 2010, together with Raúl García del Pomar, he created atipo. His path to typography has been, in a way, fortuitous. His curious and enterprising spirit led him to design his first typeface, Calendas, from a logo created for one of his clients. Since then, one project has succeeded the next, increasing its typographic catalogue year after year.

His collection is full of references to designers and historical models, such as Calendas or Cassanet Plus. Although its staging and the final finish of the design is totally contemporary.

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