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Sebastián Rincón is a great example of a designer with training and talent in typography. In 2016 he graduated in Graphic Design from the Universidad Piloto de Colombia. As it could not be otherwise, his interest in typography leads him to focus his study project towards this discipline and creates a proposal of corporate typography for the university itself: Pilot Sans. Because of his impetus and desire to learn more about the profession, he ends up doing professional internships at Corradine Fonts, where he learned from teachers like Manuel Corradine. From 2016 to early 2017, he was part of the foundry's work team.

In addition to being a typographical designer, Sebastian is also an enthusiast of the lyrics he draws. His portfolio includes numerous examples of illustrated phrases, projects in which he shows his skills as a "letterist". He is the creator, together with Manuel Corradine, of Beauty Script, a calligraphic typography of fluid and calm rhythm.

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