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Juanjo Lopez, also known as Juanjez, is a lover of the ancient vernacular signs and typographies. He defines himself as a graphic designer, typographer, hand-printing lover, and label maker. After studying Fine Arts, he complements his training at the IED in Madrid, his hometown. This is the beginning of his professional career, in which manual work has always had an important role to play.

Juanjo is part of two important "typeface families": Unos Tipos Duros and La Familia Plómez. Huy! Fonts, his own digital brand, is the name under which he publishes his fonts. Juanjo's style is unpredictable, his typefaces can be funny, kind and even cheeky.

In addition to designing, Juanjo is also very active as a typography teacher in design schools. It is also frequent to see him giving typography workshops, signage and typographic printing in different places of the Peninsula and online platforms.

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