Lole Román


Font families (4)

3 fonts3 available for free


3 fonts3 available for free

Escreen HR

3 fonts3 available for free

Escreen LR

3 fonts3 available for free

Escreen MR


Programming, design, and typography are some of the skills of Lole Román, a multi-faceted creator and patron of the digital age. Although he began his training in administration and computer science, he soon focused his interest on visual creation. After passing through the Escuelas de Arte de Jerez de la Frontera y Alicante, he entered the world of typography with the IED specialization course in Madrid.

You could say Lole's a guy who won't stop. He is a founding partner of Fontown and collectives such as Comando Cran or Doce Monos, and plays an important role in the organization of design and digital development events, such as Sevilla Design Walk or Material Fest. In his role as a teacher and disseminator, it is easy to find him in conferences and festivals, the difficult thing is to track him down.

Escreen is his first font family, a system of four variants with three styles each one, in which the design has been adapted to different screen resolutions.

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