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Manuel Corradine is a self-taught type designer. He graduated in Graphic Design from the National University of Colombia and in Business Administration from the Pilot University of Colombia.

Manuel is an entrepreneur who has grown up in a time of transition between the analogical and digital era. His special taste for craftsmanship was nourished in the workshop of his brother Santiago: Ars Nigra. There, he learned how to make paper, discovered different techniques of typographic printing and carried out his first calligraphic commissions.

He is a founding partner of Casa Papelera El Cedro (2002) and Corradine Fonts (2007).

His first experimental typefaces soon gave way to calligraphic and handwritten forms of typographies such as Almibar Pro or Alberto. This reference to handwriting is a constant in its catalogue, although it also includes typographies for text and titles, such as Alianza or Bloque. In his extensive collection of typefaces, we also find designs selected for the Bienal de Tipos Latinos: Elegance Monoline (2008) and Whisky (2016). In addition, in 2013, Bucanera Soft is awarded at the annual Communication Arts magazine competition.

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