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Graphic and typography designer, Noe Blanco was born in Barcelona. He graduated in Graphic Design at BAU, it was just the beginning of his path to typography. She studied the Master of Advanced Typography at EINA and, after working as a graphic designer for several studios in Barcelona, she moved to Amsterdam. In 2011, he decided to continue his training with the KABK Master Type and Media (The Hague).

His work is design but also typographic production. She is one of the few specialists in the world in font optimization for screen. She works for several companies and designers and takes advantage of the free slots in her busy schedule to devote time to her personal projects. He also gives typography classes in several schools in Barcelona. She is a regular contributor to the Klim Type Foundry digital foundry. For Tipografies he created, together with Jordi Embodas, Bulo Rounded and Trola, two complementary typesetters designed for editorial design.

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