Pablo Bosch


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Pablo Bosch is a Valencian designer with a background in industrial design. In 2013 he decides to pack his bags and move to New York for five weeks to attend Type@Cooper, an intensive typography course organized by the Cooper Union. During his time in the New York capital, he brought himself under the arm of Atiza Text. A year and a half later, this would become his first commercial typography.

Pablo is one of the promoters of Cañas & Tipos, a Valencia collective that organizes meetings around typography since 2014. The talks and activities of Cañas & Tipos have become a reference point for specialists and interested persons. Pablo is also the founder of La Câpsula. He has also been responsible for some of the workshops organized there, where typography designers such as Octavio Pardo and calligraphy and signage specialists such as Iván Castro have participated. Since 2017 he has been part of the design and production of typography team at Dalton Maag in London.

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