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Raúl García

9 font families



A designer from Santander, Raúl graduated in Fine Arts in 2000 with a degree in Design and Audiovisual Techniques. It is at the university where he meets Ismael, ten years later they found atipo.

Raúl has always had a special weakness for illustration, as a child he spent the day drawing. He moved to Madrid to start his career as a designer. His experience in the creation of multidisciplinary projects helped him to acquire a wide vision of design. The inspiration for his work comes from a variety of sources, although he maintains some references that are often present: Saul Bass, Otl Aicher and Henrion.

Thanks to the launch of Calendas, created along with Ismael González, atipo received his first commission to create a personalized typography. It was the first, but not the last project of its kind. In recent years his work, both in design and typography, has become a benchmark inside and outside the Iberian Peninsula.

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