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If we talk about typography in South America, the name of Rubén Fontana (Buenos Aires, 1942) appears in its own right in a prominent place. Graphic designer, typographer, teacher and researcher, Rubén and his work are a sample of a wide visual culture and a deep knowledge of the nature of typographic forms.

He played an active and pioneering role in contributing and building the landscape (typo)graphic of the Spanish-speaking world. His effort in the edition of the magazine tipoGráfica, for which he designed Fontana ND, and the introduction of the subject of typography in the graphic design program of the University of Buenos Aires are proof of this. He was also the first representative of Argentina in the Association Typographique Internationale.

The results of his entrepreneurial spirit, intelligence and professionalism have been awarded several times. Among these awards are the Platinum Konex for his career in Visual Design and Communication (1992) and the Cuban National Design Prize for his contribution to the Education and Development of Latin American Design (2007).

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