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Vicente Lamónaca holds a degree in Graphic Design from ORT Uruguay and is now a professor at the same university. He combines his work with the work of the designer. Specialist in editorial design and typography. Belongs to him the first typeface designed in Uruguay that has been marketed internationally, we talk about Economica. A condensed typography that has evolved over the years and is now presented in eight pesos with their corresponding italics.

Vicente created, along with Fernando Díaz TipoType in 2009, a digital foundry that is used to distribute his own typefaces and also other designers. It is usual to see him at conferences and events related to design and typography. He has been a jury member and organizer in Letras Latinas in 2006 and at the Bienal de Tipos Latinos in 2008 and 2010.

His name is also behind several publications on typography, such as the book Tipografía Latinoamericana, a current and future panorama, edited by Wolkowicz Editores and awarded in 2013 with a Clap for the best editorial design.

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