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Adoquin Thin

Adoquin Thin Italic

Adoquin Light

Adoquin Light Italic

Adoquin Regular

Adoquin Regular Italic

Adoquin Medium

Adoquin Medium Italic

Adoquin Bold

Adoquin Bold Italic

Adoquin Black

Adoquin Black Italic

Adoquin Fat

Adoquin Fat Italic



Adoquín is a typeface halfway between a dry stick and a typography with finishes. Medium X-height, it is distinguished by its monolinear character and light condensation.

As a family, Adoquín has seven styles with their seven italics. It is a typography of well-defined curves and a certain calligraphic aroma, due to the conception of its lines and the choices made when drawing letters such as "a" or "l". Curious to see its alternative variant -accessible through OpenType- as the most functional version for text blocks. While the default version maintains more decorative forms of glyphs, letters such as "a" give a unique personality to Adoquín. This is an extensive typographical family, functional in essence and with a friendly appearance.

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