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Atiza - the predecessor of Atiza Text - has its origins in the summer of 2013 in New York, where Pablo Bosch went to study the Condensed Typography Program, Type@Cooper, at the Cooper Union School. A year and a half after finishing the program, he continues working on it until 2015 when he decides to launch it under the name of Atiza Text. Atiza Text is the first commercial typography of this Valencian designer. It is a typeface with finishes, contemporary and low contrast, designed from the outset for editorial use. The design is characterized by generous X-height and asymmetrical finishes. In small bodies, it shines with its uniform stain and constant rhythm. In large sizes, we can appreciate the details of his careful drawing and the particular grace that have the finishing touches on some of its glyphs, which seem to be created with a brush.

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