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2 fonts



BookCover is a typeface designed to generate a great visual impact. The extreme thickness of its strokes and its minimal counterforms create a compact and distinctive text stain. Internal whites are created by splitting straight lines, making them more visible in intermediate sizes. The visual interplay of right angles and contour curves gives BookCover a fresh, contemporary look. It is a typography with a firm and secure voice, but with a friendly tone, a combination of features that makes it stand out among others of the same style.

BookCover is a box of surprises. Their strokes show vertical and horizontal cuts in letters such as "A" or in the ascending letters of some lower case letters such as "l" and "d". The polygonal contours and the originality of its forms are maintained in other characters such as the funny "k" or the daring "g" italics. In its italic version, the design acquires a certain movement and agility, moving away from the static nature of the round one.

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