18 fonts

Boxed Thin

Boxed Thin Italic

Boxed Extralight

Boxed Extralight Italic

Boxed Light

Boxed Light Italic

Boxed Book

Boxed Book Italic

Boxed Regular

Boxed Regular Italic

Boxed Medium

Boxed Medium Italic

Boxed Semibold

Boxed Semibold Italic

Boxed Bold

Boxed Bold Italic

Boxed Heavy

Boxed Heavy Italic



Boxed is a superfamily of "boxed" characters - hence its name -, which has no more and no less than 18 styles (9 in round and 9 in italics). Shaped with a modular construction, it has a geometric appearance and could be said to be of technological intention, since it is designed to be used on screen, and more specifically in small screen devices. Its structure is condensed and its lowercase has a high x-height. Straight strokes on its contours allow the design to perfectly match the pixels on the screen and help create regular character spacing. It has a large number of Latin, Cyrillic characters and includes OpenType features.

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