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Bridone Titling

12 fonts

Bridone Titling Light Italic

Bridone Titling Book Italic

Bridone Titling Regular

Bridone Titling Demi Bold

Bridone Titling Demi Bold Italic

Bridone Titling Bold Italic

Bridone Titling Heavy Italic



Bridone Titling is the version of Bridone crated for titles. The contrast is brought to the extreme with very fine and delicate strokes that highlight the elegant side of the design. The typeface family offers a title variant for each of the styles. The combination of both styles is what makes Bridone especially useful for designs that require characters of different thicknesses and sizes, complex compositions in which text stains with different textures are created.

In Bridone Titling, the appearance of the characters is closer to the appearance of a "didona", softening the rotundity of its Egyptian side. Like Bridone, the character set also has alternate capital letters, which allows you to start a word or phrase in a more decorative way.

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