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Chupada is an ultra-condensed family that includes five styles with their respective italic versions. Once again Josep Patau plays with the proportions of the characters, this time taking their condensation to the extreme to generate great visual impact. The large x-height of the tiny ones enhances this effectiveness.

The verticality of the design, its almost modular structure and the blanks reduced to a minimum size mark a constant and regular rhythm.

The typographical family includes a large set of characters from the Latin alphabet and the full palette of the Cyrillic alphabet.

In italics, the characters lean forward, turning the statism of design into a slight movement that guides the reader.

Chupada is the name by which printers referred to mobile types of condensed structure. We would have to search the archives to collect examples of historical references, but we probably wouldn't find many typographies with so many variants and condensation as extreme as Chupada.

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