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Cintax is a conceptual exercise. This is a typography created only from straight lines. To avoid the use of curves in the contours, Damien uses octagonal shapes. The strokes rotate abruptly, creating characters with a well-defined structure that makes them recognizable and legible. Their shapes are based on a model created with insulating tape.

The constructive aspect of the characters reminds us of the typographies created at the dawn of the digital era. These typefaces, which were normally restricted to a grid, sought shapes that spoke of a new time and adapted to the new supports.

Cintax is a monospace typeface, all characters are the same width. In order to achieve the most uniform text color possible, some letters such as "m" or "w" take on an unconventional form.

We could define Cintax as an experimental font of modular aspect, which leaves a window open for the personal interpretation of its creator.

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