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Farrerons Serif

10 fonts

Farrerons Serif Thin Italic

Farrerons Serif Light Italic

Farrerons Serif Regular

Farrerons Serif DemiBold

Farrerons Serif DemiBold Italic

Farrerons Serif Bold Italic



Farrerons Serif is a typeface designed for continuous text. Its medium-eye characters and long ascending lengths generate a loose line spacing, allowing comfortable reading in large blocks of text.

Patau has taken the classical proportions in capital letters as a reference for the design and has been inspired by humanistic forms of the lower case letters. In this combination of references, we can also point out the broken shapes of the strokes -more evident in the italics- that are framed in more modern typographical currents. Stroke breaks are also used as a resource to create ink traps and improve the final look of typography when printing in small sizes.

Farrerons Serif includes two alphabets - Latin and Cyrillic - plus a full palette of characters with decorative alternatives for initial and final shapes. The family consists of ten fonts and has been included in's 2011 list of outstanding fonts.

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