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Lullius is a tribute to the Mallorcan writer and philosopher Ramón Llull (1232-1316). Taking as a reference the work Libre de oracions e de doctrina d' amar a Deu, through facsimiles and images of originals, Damià tried to capture the atmosphere of the epoch in which the writer had lived. However, Lullius did not want to be an adaptation of the handwriting to the digital world, but a reinterpretation of these forms for the current context.

Closer to the Gothic calligraphy, specifically to the Gothic style of Mediterranean style, Lullius also drinks from the forms of Carolingian calligraphy. Its moderate condensation and characters that avoid decorative excesses make it a viable option for use in not excessively long blocks of text. It also includes several possibilities for more decorative texts, with numerous ligatures and alternative filigree characters.

This project won a runners-up prize at the Anuaria Awards in 2009 and has been included in several publications, exhibitions and papers on typography.

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