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When we come across a typeface like Paralex, the first thing that will surely come to mind are Futura's geometric shapes, but Paralex is, in fact, a design closer to other classics like Memphis (Rudolph Wolf, 1929) or Lubalin Graph (Herb Lubalin, 1974).

The shapes constructed by Paralex refer to its own name, the technical drawing board that is used to facilitate the drawing of straight lines. Paralex is essentially a geometric typography with straight finishes. To smoothen the strict appearance of your characters, stroke endings include rounded corners. The coldness of the geometric style thus shows a slightly friendlier face.

The family is composed of six styles and six italics of oblique structure. The fonts also have decorative alternative characters, designed for use as initial and final forms. Paralex also has antique numerals and a varied palette of geometric ornaments.

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