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36 fonts

Plantago Condensed Light

Plantago Extended Light

Plantago Condensed Light Italic

Plantago Extended Light Italic

Plantago Condensed Regular

Plantago Extended Regular

Plantago Extended Italic

Plantago Condensed Italic

Plantago Condensed Medium

Plantago Extended Medium

Plantago Extended Medium Italic

Plantago Condensed Medium Italic

Plantago Condensed Semibold

Plantago Extended Semibold

Plantago Condensed Semibold Italic

Plantago Extended Semibold Italic

Plantago Semibold Italic

Plantago Condensed Bold

Plantago Condensed Bold Italic

Plantago Extended Bold Italic

Plantago Condensed Black

Plantago Extended Black

Plantago Condensed Black Italic

Plantago Extended Black Italic



Viktor Solt-Bittner drew logo sketches for an insurance company. Luckily for Schriftlabor, they rejected the design, and he turned the sketches into a font family. Years later, Plantago was expanded, developed and completed by Schriftlabor’s type directors Franziska Hubmann and Lisa Schultz.

Plantago shows delicate leaf-like stroke endings and subtle curvings and offers condensed and wide variants. Typeset in 6 weights from Light to Black, 3 widths from Condensed to Extended, both upright and italic, totaling in no less than 36 styles.