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12 fonts



Pobla is a typeface with a classic structure adapted to a contemporary design. It is designed for small text bodies, in situations where print quality is poor and layout requires typography that accepts a lot of text in a limited space, without affecting its readability. We are talking about the design of a newspaper, for example.

His fractured counterforms and the breaks in the ascenders show a break with the softness of the calligraphic strokes, delving into the design of the digitally "manufactured" letter. Without losing the essence of their design, Pobla's italics show a more calligraphic skeleton, creating the necessary contrast with its round version.

It has a palette of characters that covers 220 languages of the Latin alphabet. It also has small versalitas, numerals in its different variants and ligatures. It includes six thicknesses with their corresponding italics, which offer a good variety of weights for use in editorial layout.

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