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Salome Stencil

2 fonts



Salomé's characters are broken down to create a stencil typography. Available in round and italic versions, Salomé Stencil is a variant that plays with the drawing, making part of the strokes disappear but keeping the recognizable structure of the characters. We see for example how the capital "U" or "N" lose part of their thin antlers, the same happens with diagonals of "v" or "x". This game goes further and, as in a magic trick, some strokes disappear completely, as in the case of the numbers "4" and "5".

The design of broken shapes does not forget the ligatures, creating a visual paradox with the very idea of these composite characters. Salomé Stencil is intelligent and seductive. Its shapes invite us to imagine the invisible and make it very suggestive, especially in its italic version where the precision of its curves leaves us speechless. A display of sensuality and beauty!

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