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Trajana Sans

4 fonts



Trajana Sans is a sans serif typeface of classic proportions. The skeleton of its characters is based on the text engraved in stone in one of those treasures of antiquity that survive in Rome: the Trajan Column.

In this case, the designer has decided to dispense with the fine finishes of the original and capture its essence through the structure of the letters. The fundamental idea is to give the design a more contemporary air for its current use and serve as an alternative to the popular Trajan.

Trajana Sans
's lines also remind us of the geometric typefaces that emerged elsewhere and at a much closer time. The combination of its contemporary appearance with the recognisable classic structure makes Trajana Sans a particularly interesting work, as it manages to mix influences that a priori might seem irreconcilable.

To broaden the range of typographical possibilities, the family comes in four styles: Light, Regular, DemiBold and Bold.

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