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Trepa, as its name suggests in Catalan, is a stencil typeface. Its characters are composed of fragmented shapes simulating the stencil technique. The idea for his design arose from a typography designed by Marcel Jacno in 1956 for the Music-Hall Alhambra by Maurice Chevalier. The spirit of the French "Graphie Latine" movement and the advertising displays of the time are very much present in Trepa's design.

The irregular-looking contours refer to letters painted on rough surfaces, such as the revolutionary messages that have appeared on city walls throughout history.

Trepa includes two variants: Noise and Wood. They are versions that play with the characteristic rugged aspect of their design, creating different textures for their strokes. The first generates a kind of grit that gives the characters a worn look, and the second simulates the wood grain with a pattern of irregular stripes.

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