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Codesigned by Noe Blanco & Jordi Embodas in 2014, Trola Text keeps the original spirit of Trola, but some of the letterform features have been modified so it can perfectly adapt to the needs of typefaces used in text of continued reading.

Trola Text characteristics result in a somewhat crisp texture, with an increased contrast, and a high level of legibility. Proportions in Trola Text are noticeably widen, particularly in the upper case, but also the serifs are simpler, their construction is more robust, and the shapes are totally straight. White space becomes more prominent through a generous spacing and letterforms with larger aperture. A little increase in the curves tension in every character and a slight flare in the strokes, particularly evident in the diagonal shapes, add a pinch a of warmth. Additionally, the lowercase had some inclination to the right, increasing the speed of reading in prolonged readings.