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From lead to the pixel, we have witnessed the evolution of typography. Bauertypes has been and is part of this story. Its origins date back to the 19th century and it was the successor of two large foundries: the German Bauersche Giesserei (1837-1995) and the Neufville Foundry in Barcelona (1885-1995).

Founded in 1995, Bauertypes is a manufacturer, distributor, and typographical consultant. In 2008, the company stopped melting lead types and focused its efforts on digital typography. The company has known how to adapt to the times and survive the changes of media and supports. They have created typographies like Futura or Elizabeth. The latter is part of the story because it was created by one of the first female typographical designers we know, Elizabeth Friedlander (1903-1984).

Bauertypes has in its catalogue the work of experienced and renowned designers such as Rubén Fontana, Andreu Balius or Christopher Burke.

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