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Dúctil is a studio in Palma de Mallorca founded in 2005 by Damià Rotger and Mireia Cabaní. Its services cover several disciplines: architecture, graphic design, web design, and typography. It is in the latter that Damià focuses much of his work.

His projects have been recognized by both national and international organizations and publications. Dúctil is also an active study in its educational facet, it is usual to see its founders being part of the program of conferences and design festivals.

His typographical portfolio includes examples of creating letters drawn for corporate identities and typographies of commercial distribution. In its catalogue we find designs of calligraphic inspiration such as Blanquerna and Lullius, and others with a more geometric structure such as Cintax. One of his latest projects is the ambitious typographical system formed by UIBsans and UIBserif, two font families originally created as corporate typefaces of the Universitat de les Illes Balears.

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