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3 fonts3 available for free

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Fontown was born in 2016 as a distribution platform for typography through subscription with a flat rate. It is presented as an affordable and easy-to-use service for the acquisition and management of typefaces on Mac systems. Fontown also opens a new avenue for typographical designers and independent companies, bringing their designs to a wider audience. The application avoids the sometimes complex management of licenses, creating an accessible system for use by any user. One of its original objectives was to facilitate access to quality typographies for students, so the application offers special rates for training centers.

Fontown's varied catalogue includes fonts created by designers from around the world. Its collection is constantly growing and offers a wide range of possibilities for typographic design.

The four variants of the Escreen font family, created by Lole Román, are the first typographies in the catalogue with the Fontown seal as a digital foundry.