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The Designers Foundry's origins date back to 2012, then Ten Dollars Foundry. In 2015, its creator, New Zealand's Daniel McQueen, decided to change his name to highlight the designers' work behind their typographies.

The Designers Foundry has managed to position itself in the global market as an independent foundry and turn diversity into one of its identity brands. In its catalogue we find typefaces that have been used in projects and campaigns for international clients as big as Nike, Dolce & Gabbana, Gap, Emporio Armani or the BBC.

Its collection has a rich variety of styles for a wide and diverse audience. It currently distributes more than 70 typefaces created by more than 40 designers from different parts of the world. Atiza Text, a font family for editorial design created by Pablo Bosch, has been part of their collection since 2015.

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