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TipoType was founded in 2009 by Vicente Lamónaca and Fernando Díaz. Both had met at ORT Uruguay, being the first teacher of the latter. The creation of this foundry was a milestone in the history of typography in Uruguay, as it became the first company of its kind in the country. It arose from the need to professionalize this discipline and with the aim of offering affordable licenses to help promote the printing industry in and outside the country.

Its founders have played and continue to play an important role as pioneers of the printing industry in Uruguay. In 2007, together with other Uruguayan designers, they had already created the Sociedad Tipográfica de Montevideo.

Since 2014, the foundry has also organised an award to offer emerging designers the possibility of publishing their typefaces through TipoType.

TypeType's catalogue is a varied catalogue, in which we find typographies without endings for continuous text such as Brother 1816 or Trasandina, but also other styles such as the Rufina didona or the Salinas manuscript.

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