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Founded in Barcelona in 2003, Typerepublic is the digital typographic foundry of Andreu Balius. After a phase of experimentation with García fonts & co (1992-2003) Andreu decided to create his own brand to distribute his fonts. He himself defines Typerepublic as "a small republic in which to design and offer the result of my passion".

Typerepublic is an undated return journey, in which independence and personal contact mark the road map. Andreu, points to research as an important part of his creative process. The influence of the local typographic tradition and its special interest in cultural diversity make the Typerepublic catalog an amalgam of unique references and designs. Elegant families such as the Carmen didona and decorative typefaces like Taull coexist in a functional and stylish collection.

Typerepublic offers printers for both print and digital design. In addition to commercial typefaces, the foundry also offers typographic advice services, creates corporate typographies and provides specialized workshops.

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