Designing fonts is hard, so we want to make it easy for you.

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What do we offer you?


The right community will use your fonts: professional designers and students of design. They all are willing to create better works powered by yours.


Our team will generate all the relative to your fonts such as reviews, graphic examples, context of usage, etc. It helps a lot to both sides: you and the users.

Hourly payment

Yep, exactly, we pay you depending on the hours your fonts are used by the community. You'll have access to a dashboard with all your incomes and other metrics.

We are the trader with the best conditions for you

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How do we work?

Quality control

We help you to reach the most of the subscribers. You may expect some feedback regarding the languages support, alphabets, opentype. The better your font is, the most profitable it becomes.

Creation of the contents

Our team writes pieces of content so you can keep working on your fonts. We discovered this is a decision maker feature for the designers when it comes to pick the font for their projects.

Usage of your fonts

The entire catalogue is available for all the users. Whether by using the built-in search box, the filters or simply scrolling the designers will select the font which fits their needs and it is going to be available automatically for its usage on any project.

The payday

Foundries will receive the payback on a monthly basis. It depends on the hours its fonts were used by the community. Each 60-minutes time frame counts.

All your work will be in good company

They already trust in Fontown

I like working with Fontown because they are close, accessible, respectful of the work of font creators. They know the effort involved in designing typography and, therefore, treat the product with love. They are trustworthy.

Andreu Balius


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